The Fables In Our Hearts Awaken

The fables in our hearts awaken.
We jump into painted panels and watch our words float in the air above.
The clock stops and listens, encouraging our escape.
This is where I want to spend my time with you — in a place where the end is never really the end.

I’ll be a boy with a dragon. You’ll place Saturn’s ring on my finger.
We can find the farmer who did us wrong.
We’ll light up his cows like torches in the night.
They’ll run like balls of fire in these fields of dreams until they are extinguished by daylight.

We’re not all bad, but we have our moments.
When there is a star that exists just for you, it’s hard not to grow heated now and again.
Youth doesn’t rest on its elbows. It builds myths out of dirt and laughter.
And here I am building them with you, casting spells to keep demons in the shadows.

We move so fast the colors bleed.
The dragon melts and Saturn’s ring is shrinking.
A familiar voice calls our names again. We try to ignore it, but it’s not working.
I’ll see you back here when the clock strikes one. We’ll try, try again to make time stop ticking.

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