Video Report Of Russell In Kalispell

I mentioned the other day that Yankton City Manager Doug Russell is in Kalispell, Mont., this week doing interviews for the city manager job.

Yesterday, he and the other two candidates for the position took part in a public meet-and-greet.

The local NBC news affiliate was there and spoke with all three.

View its report here.

No ‘Faith Hilling’ To Report Here

I’ve got to say, it was a disappointing night.

I covered the City Commission candidate forum at the Technical Education Center that was sponsored by the Press & Dakotan and all the other media outlets in town. It was a fine forum, and the candidates did a good job.

But I was rather hoping that there would be some “Hilling,” “Swifting” or maybe an “Oh, Long Johnson.” I can also assure you there was no “Reporting.”

What’s wrong with the people of Yankton? They have no respect for memes, I guess.

No idea what I’m talking about? You didn’t watch “South Park” last night. I suggest you correct that.

You can watch it here.

Thank me later.

Oh, and in case you want to know what happened at the forum, visit the Press & Dakotan website tomorrow.

“Hilling” for life …

Anchorman 2 Away!

The very funny David Koechner will be doing a show at Yankton’s Minerva’s on Friday, April 27.

I hope that, unlike the Pauly Shore show at Minerva’s several months ago, Koechner will actually try to put on a decent performance. I really enjoyed Shore’s opening acts, but then he came on the stage and sucked all the air out of the room. Total bummer, buddy.

Koechner has provided constant laughs for me over the years. I have rather high hopes for his performance.

I arranged Tuesday to have an interview with him in a couple weeks. I learned today that we’ll have some very cool news to discuss.

Nikki Finke reports:

I’ve learned the sequel finally came together today. The comedy Anchorman 2 will be produced under mogul Judd Apatow’s banner with Will Ferrell’s and Adam MKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions. McKay will direct as well as write the script with Will Ferrell who will star again as Ron Burgundy along with the 2004 original’s castmembers Steve Carell and Paul Rudd and David Koechner.

Ron Burgundy himself broke the news on “Conan” Wednesday:


Russell Making Pitch To Kalispell This Week

If you read my story in Tuesday’s Press & Dakotan about Monday night’s City Commission meeting, you know that City Manager Doug Russell was not there.

Where was he?

Well, you might recall that he is in the running for a city manager job in Kalispell, Mont. This is the week when he meets with the public there and undergoes an interview process with the Kalispell City Council.

According to the Daily Inter Lake:

Russell, Steele and Sutherland will tour Kalispell and meet with city department heads and staff on Wednesday. They then will attend a public reception at the Conrad Mansion Museum on Thursday.

Sponsored by Glacier Bank and Sykes’ Market, the reception runs from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. It is open to the public.

The Kalispell City Council will interview the three finalists Friday.

Interviews are scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m. and expected to continue through 4 p.m. Held at Kalispell City Hall, the interviews are open to the public.

Russell did an interview with Tom Lotshaw of the Daily Inter Lake that was published Sunday. It begins:

One of three finalists for Kalispell’s city manager job, Doug Russell sees a chance to move to a beautiful part of Montana and bring his two children closer to their maternal grandparents in Great Falls.

“We try to make it out to the Flathead every summer when it’s nice and warm and the cherries are out,” said Russell, the city manager of Yankton, S.D., a city of about 14,500 people on the Missouri River in the state’s southeast corner.

Russell, who is 38 and the youngest of the finalists visiting Kalispell for job interviews this week, has had his eyes on the Kalispell job for some time.

“We actually watched when the position opened up two and a half or three years ago, but we’d only been in Yankton for maybe a year and couldn’t really put an application out,” he said. “We thought maybe it would open up again in another five years, so here we are.”

Read the rest here.


Relationship Advice: ‘You’ve Got To Know When To Shut Up’

Do you need relationship advice?

Here is my advice: Don’t ask me for advice.

But should you wish to ignore my advice and ask anyway, I offer this very intelligent observation from Bob Odenkirk, who is better known for his comedic genius on “Mr. Show” and any other number of projects. It’s taken from an interview posted this week with one of my favorite sites, They do a regular feature called, “Sex Advice From …” Well, this week it’s from Bob Odenkirk.

Ready? Here it goes:

You played a marriage counselor on Arrested Development. What’s the single best piece of marriage advice you can give?
You’ve got to know when to shut up. You learn when you’re young never to put nasty or angry words in an email or letter — you realize that even though it was all true at the time you wrote it, you don’t want it between you and the other person forever. With a marriage, think of it as if there’s a stenographer in the room at all times who’s making a permanent record of your discussion. So when things get hairy, watch how far you go, because in order to keep the relationship going, you need to not say things that you can’t live with. My wife and I are very honest with each other, and it’s one of the reasons I’m with her — one of the things that made me be in love with her was that she was very straightforward with me, and she allowed me to be very honest with her and not walk on eggshells around her. But that’s all up to a point, and then you have to make sure you don’t go over a line.

It’s kind of funny, because I was talking with my ex-wife about this subject recently. Yep, we are still good friends. It happens.

I don’t recall how we got on the topic, but I was telling her about how I am not always TOTALLY open about how I feel in the heat of a “relationship moment.” Bob has very eloquently explained why. I wish I had put it so well.

So if you want my advice, it is this: You’ve got to know when to shut up.

The other person may not appreciate it during your “relationship moment,” but everyone will hopefully be happier in the end.

Biscuit Fight!!!

Loyal readers of the daily record have been rewarded with some interesting entries lately.

There was the naked cowboy:

A report was received at 5:02 a.m. Wednesday of a man in a cowboy hat and black shirt — but nothing else — hiding behind a dumpster in the 300 block of Walnut St. Someone had apparently taken his pants, and he was trying to make his way home, police said. He was arrested for public indecency.

I cannot confirm or deny this, but his girlfriend may have been the pants nabber. Ah, young love.

Then, of course, there was the key tree:

A report was received at 8:59 p.m. Thursday that car keys were stuck in a tree at Memorial Park. A young woman had been tossing her car keys in the air when they became stuck on a branch. She attempted to knock the keys out of the tree by throwing one of her shoes at them. However, the shoe also became stuck in the tree not far from the keys. The keys were rescued from the tree, but the shoe was too high and could not be saved.

I’ll give you a moment to wipe away your tears. Such a sad tale.

Now, there were a few things that didn’t make the record. Things you can’t imagine.

And for good reason, you wouldn’t want to waste your time dreaming up these small matters. But I think you’ll find them worth a few chuckles.

I was going through the reports last week when I came across one that simply read, “BISCUIT FIGHT.”

Biscuit fight?

I had to know more.

I made a call to a well-placed source who accused me of wanting to know more just so I could put it on the blog.


But I did it for you, dear readers.

It turns out a juvenile female had come across her parents throwing hard biscuits at one another. She freaked out. She called 9-1-1.

But as she was talking to the dispatcher, she realized she had perhaps overreacted.

Her parents had just been having a good-natured biscuit fight like any normal American family is wont to do. Case closed.

This week, I came across another report that gave me a peek into the wild and crazy things the kids are into these days.

I warn you, it’s pretty disturbing.


A report was received at 11:29 p.m. Friday of a vehicle with a dome light on in Riverside Park. Contact was made with four females who advised were just rolling down the hills and staying out past curfew since they just turned 18. They were advised not to go in the river.

Sage advice.

I must say, I’m really worried about our youth. We must do something to stop hill rolling. Just say no to the roll.

(Oh, and thanks for making me laugh today, girls! Wait, I shouldn’t encourage them …)

Sunny Side Up

Today was an early day for me.

You see, I typically lead a rock ‘n’ roll journalist lifestyle. That’s how I like to refer to it in a meager attempt to impress people with how cool and awesome I am. You’re totally buying it, right? I go to bed late and get up late. It generally fits my job (because I often work well into the evening), and I feel I’ve earned it from those many years of childhood on into my 20s when I had to get up before dawn to do chores on the family farm.

I didn’t have that luxury today, because I had a radio interview at 7:30. Fortunately, I felt that went really well.

When I emerged from the radio station, I knew it was time to take advantage of the beautiful morning and walk across the Meridian Bridge. The fog was melting away, although you could still see some dancing across the surface of the Missouri River.

I’m telling you, mornings don’t get much more perfect than this morning.

Along the way, I took the above picture of the sun. I like how it has an almost flower effect with the red “petals.”

Also, a deer was standing on the south side of the bridge to greet me upon my arrival on the Nebraska shore.

Lovely stuff.

I hope that once all this reporting business is out of the way, the day ends as beautifully as it began — and I’m certainly wishing upon a lucky star that the day of my readers will take a similar trajectory.