It’s retirement time for the hardest-working man I know

I came across this piece about Yankton resident Bud Kratz in a Deseret News column written by his son, Greg. I can’t say that I know either of them, but I wish Bud the best of luck in his retirement.


Published: Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2010 9:40 p.m. MST

The hardest-working man I know has had a quiet kind of career by most standards.

He once was a partner in a business, but it didn’t work out like he’d hoped. Since then, he’s worked for someone else, at one job, at one store, in one small South Dakota town.

He never got rich, pulling in an average salary that enabled him and his wife, a teacher, to make the house payment, feed themselves and their two kids and take the occasional family vacation.

He started his professional life as a barber, a solid career option in the early 1960s. However, as the children came along, he decided he needed to make more money. He tried his hand at a few side jobs, selling insurance and repairing television sets. But it was barbering he loved.

Then the trends of the time caught up with him. Even in little Yankton, S.D., men stopped coming in for weekly haircuts, and some even (gasp!) started going to beauty salons to have their hair “styled.”

Read the rest here.

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